In Pulse, what do the coloured circles mean?

In Pulse, we use a colour and symbol code to help indicate job status. Read on to understand what each means!

Ever wondered what those coloured circles mean? By using colour coding and basic symbols, we can communicate quickly to you how many jobs are associated with a project, what type they are, and their status. 


Here's a quick key:

Colour Job Type
Orange Make Safe
Blue Assessment
Purple IAG Completion
Purple Works 
Teal Tender

Why are some filled, while others are not?

close up circles

This filled colouring of a circle indicates whether the job completion status. We base these indicators off the status related to the job. For example, when an assessment has been marked with the status of "Authorised", this marks the completion of the assessment phase, and therefore the assessment job is "complete". 

For example, in the image above, the bottom row has a filled blue circle, and one empty purple circle. This means there is one completed assessment, and then one works job in progress.

Test: what jobs are related to this project, and what are their status so far?

product screenshots - circles again


If you'd like to change the colours relating to your jobs and projects, let us know! We're happy to help.