Tasks in Pulse Works Jobs

Tasks in Pulse Works Jobs How to make the most out of tasks Dominique Tuck

Your tasks will mostly be configured by your administrator and will automatically be assigned to each job that's created. However, there is one task that needs be manually uploaded - this being the "Repair Notes" task.

"Repair Notes" Task

The Repair Notes task is used to provide a snapshot of the current status of the repair and provide transparency to any team member to provide the most recent and relevant update to any stakeholder. 

The Repair Notes Task should include the below headings. 

  • ECD: Estimated completion date – if repairs are not scheduled this can be written as repair length from commencement (eg 2 weeks from commencement) UPDATE: Current update/status of the claim
  • DELAY: Any foreseeable delays or any causes of delays previously (eg long lead item, insured to pay the excess)
  • NEXT ACTION: The next step to take on the claim
  • FAST TRACK: What can be done by ABC Group to prevent further delays or fast track the claim
  • VARIATION: items we have needed variations for  
  • INSURER UPDATE: date of the last update and what the update was

How to Add the Repair Notes Task to a Works Job 

  1. Open the works job and scroll to the Tasks segment.
  2. Click "Create Task"  
  3. Choose the "Repair Notes" option from the drop-down, and fill out the rest of the fields as required.

Creating an "Other" Task

You can use the “Other” task to set your own required on claims. An other task is outside of predefined subject tasks - meaning that they are free form text. 

An other task is used to capture, but not limited to: 

  • Site Attendance booking reminders
  • Trade follow-ups to confirm start dates, follow up on check measures & quotes
  • Variations/Liability Quotes that need to be created
  • Certification reminders
  • QBCC Extension dates

“Other” tasks need to either be set as Low priority.

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