Step by Step: Creating an Emergency Make Safe

Read on to learn the recommended process for creating Emergency Make Safes, using Pulse.

An Emergency Make Safe (or "EMS") is a job type where a customer's property needs to be "made safe" to live in within a short time-frame, no matter the time or day. As this job type is usually linked to a time sensitive KPI, we've created some automated workflows to help you get help to the customer faster, and keep your scorecards in the green.


  • Under an EMS, insurance repair builders aren't authorised to carry out any repairs - however, you can do so if it's a more cost-effective option for the insurer.
  • Supervisors are usually expected to arrange the make safe and close the job when verified completion.

Let's go through what it takes to complete the entire Emergency Make Safe workflow! You should make sure that there's a project available to assign the make safe to, so for that reason, we'll start this help article in Pulse by creating a new project.

Creating a New Project for Your EMS:

  1. Open Pulse > Add New Project > Choose the project type you want to use for the EMS. Note: we will automatically assign you to this project as the "Administration Coordinator".
  2. Fill the project details such as 'project address', claim number, and all relevant dates. Make sure you connect the Account! If your accounts are set up correctly, we'll automatically load the relevant zone to the EMS once you've saved project address and account. 

    Account and Zones on an EMS
  3. Make sure you take the time to assign your team members to the project too. Hint, you can find the "Assigned Team Members" section on the right hand side under the "Details" header.
  4. Click "Save" once you've done this. We'll assign the zone based off the address, but you can choose to override it if required.

Now, let's get started on the EMS:

  1. Click "Create" > "Make Safe"
  2. At this point, you should check that the "Account", "Assigned Team Members" and "Contacts" have been copied over from the project to job. If they weren't originally assigned to the project, these will be missing. 
  3. Click "Reset to Project" on "Job Address" - this will update the Make Safe job with the project address.
  4. Check that the "EMS Request Date" gets set to the date of when the job was created. 
  5. At this point, the Primary contact will have received an automated SMS and email letting them know that you'll be in contact to discuss the Make Safe.
  6. Now go ahead and enter the details as needed in the Overview section. 
  7. Click "Save" at this point. Make sure at this point, that the job status has updated to "In Progress".
  8. Scroll down to the "Tasks" section, and check that some tasks have been created - these might vary from business to business based on your needs, but if you're using our standard insurer configuration, you can expect to see the following: 

    Task Name: Qualify Safety Questions
    Assigned To: Admin Coordinator
    Due In: 1 hour
    Task Type: Action

    Task Name: EMS Call to Schedule
    Assigned To: Admin Coordinator
    Due In: 1 hour
    Task Type: Call


    Task Name: Book EMS Attendance

    Assigned To: Admin Coordinator

    Due In: 1 hour

    Task Type: Action

  9. Make sure that you answer the Yes/No questions in the EMS job's Overview section and click "Save". 
  10. When the tasks have been complete, don't forget to ensure that these are set to "Complete":

    "EMS Call to Schedule" 
    "Qualify Safety Questions"

  11. Completing "EMS Call to Schedule" will open a new task: 
  12. Now that the above tasks have been marked as completed, keep an eye out for the next automation, which is a new task:


    Task Name: Review Make Safe Priority

    Assigned To: Supervisor

    Due In: Immediately

This task is intended to be done as soon as possible by the supervisor! 

Creating a Purchase Order and Sending it to the Vendor

  1. 1. Click "Create > Purchase Order"
  2. 2.  You'll also need to verify that Project Reference Number, Job reference number, account, zone, title and purchase order numbers get automatically filled in. 
  3. Add line items to Purchase Order
  4. Click "Save" on the top right.
  5. Send Purchase Order to vendor. 
  6. Verify that the vendor got the email with PDF and calendar invite.
  7. "EMS attended date" in job should get automatically filled in from the Purchase Order that you created.
  8. Now go ahead and complete the "Book EMS Attendance" task.  This will trigger  an email and SMS to the insured, email to the insurer, and create tasks "Review Make Safe priority"
  9. Complete the "EMS Call to Confirm" task which should: create "Submit EMS Report to Insurer" task, set job status to "Completed", send email to insurer, create task "Review EMS Report".
  10. Complete the "Send EMS Report to Insurer" task which should create "Invoice Make Safe"
  11. Complete the "Invoice Make Safe" task should change project status to "Charged".
    Would you prefer to watch a video? Check out the tool in action with the video below!

    Creating an Emergency Make Safe in Pulse