Conducting a Virtual Assessment: Step by Step

Here's a framework for you to follow when using VA. You might need to change some phrases to suit your business type and needs.

Using Virtual Assist will involve qualifying the customer for using the technology, instructing the in-field operative over the phone on how to start the session, and lastly, how to direct their camera at the subject matter. We understand that doing things for the first time can be a little daunting, so we've put together a basic script so you don't have to worry about what to say, and can focus on getting the job done. 

Introducing Virtual Assist and Starting the Process

Quick tip: Telling the customer that Virtual Assist is a "new" technology can sometimes make the feel customer wary, so it's important to speak with confidence, as though you run Virtual Assist sessions every day! 

Script for talking to a customer:
“Hi, I'm
[insert name] calling from [insert your business]. I'm calling to see if we can do a remote assessment of [insert subject]. We can do it using the camera on your smartphone, if you have an internet connection. This means that you will not have to wait for an assessor to attend, but we can process your claim quickly.”
“Do you have a smartphone with 4G data available?” 

Pro-tip: Virtual Assist is best used on a mobile 4G network. You can also use the customer's home Wifi, but please note that signal can fluctuate as your customer moves throughout their house, or if they need to step outside to continue the assessment. 

Customer Response: No
Book in a physical assessment. 

Customer Response: Yes
If the customer says "yes", you can try to do the session if they are at the location of the subject matter. 

"Are you at the right location for the assessment currently?"

Customer Response: No
Try to arrange a suitable time to call. 

Customer Response: Yes
Start VA. If you're unsure of how to use Virtual Assist, please check out our Virtual Assist 101 guide here.

Step 1: Starting The Virtual Assist Session

"Would you like to proceed with a remote assessment now?"

"Could you please put me on speaker on your mobile, so I can guide you through the process?"

"I will send you a text which you will receive within a few seconds. This text will contain a link which you can click, so it will open our app on your phone and we can start the remote assessment."

Here's a sample of what the text will look like:

Step 2: Accepting the Privacy Policy

If the in-field operative raises privacy concerns, you can inform them that the information received will be in full accordance with Australian legislation. There will be a disclaimer on their phone screen when opening the session which outlines their acceptance to having their session recorded for the purposes of assessment. The customer will need to select "Join" to begin. 

"Once you've opened the link, please select Join."

Step 3: Share Video, and Accept Permissions

Here's a quick look at what the Virtual Assist homepage looks for customers. There are 4 options: 

"Great. Now please select "Share Video. You will receive two pop-ups asking to allow camera, microphone and location settings. Please hit "Allow". 

After this, you'll start to see the live video stream from the customer's phone!


If VA doesn't connect within two minutes, no problem!
If you're having difficulty with connecting to your customer, don't sweat it. We want your customers to have the best experience possible, so if you can't find the solution, wrap up the call and arrange for a technical expert to come on-site to do the assessment. Feel free to send through a message to to let us know of the issue so we can help you make sure it doesn't happen again. You can also check out our FAQ's here and our Troubleshooting guide here.

Conducting The Assessment

Now, this is your time to shine! Let your assessment skills take over and instruct the in-field operative to show you the subject matter. 

Here's what your customer can see - take note, they too can take snapshots! There's no need for the customer to share their audio if you're on a phone call with them already.

Take lots of snapshots
You can delete these later if necessary, but it's a good idea to take as many as you need to capture the subject. The snapshots are taken in high quality resolution, even if the video is patchy/blurry.

If the video is patchy but the signal is strong:
Instruct the customer to slow down the movement of the device to ensure a clearer image. 

The video signal is weak, and/or the video is patchy.
The Virtual Assist session is still able to be conducted! All snapshots are captured in high resolution.  Ask the customer to take some snapshots for you.

Check out our troubleshooting guide here if you need some help on something else during your VA session.

Ending The Session

“Thanks for your patience and cooperation. You can click “End Session” in the app now.” 

Once the customer hits "End Session", they will be asked to rate their experience and your service on from their device. You will need to select "End Session" from your own screen.

Need something else? Feel free to send us a message at

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